ONLY!!! Persons listed on the Team members page of this site are authorized to speak on behalf of or make bookings for the Ghost Detectives organization. Should there be any doubts,or feel as someone is misrepresenting themselves as part of our organization, please ask to be put in touch  directly with Bob Christopher at 570-328-4723 to clear up any questions or concerns.

                                                         Thank You…



Ghost Detectives, a seasoned and experienced local team, we are currently booking for season 8 for our TV show on The WYLN & FOX 56. We are considering a wide array of locations.

Also we are inviting all paranormal groups to join us on a future episode. We believe that PARANORMAL UNITY is a necessity in our field & we plan to use our show in an effort to send out this message, if this is something you or your groups supports ,stop by and like our page call for details. If you have a business  or own a haunted location and would like us to do an episode on it, please contact us.  Ghost Detectives  are the FIRST & ONLY Pa. TV show to do this. We are filling up fast so call to book your spot.

If you are experiencing something of the paranormal nature and need to discuss it with someone, feel free to give us a call, e-mail, or send a letter.


Phone: (570) 328-4723


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